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It has been exactly a year now, that I first set up this blog. My initial plan was to become a more frequent writer and get into the habbit of releasing posts on a regular basis. Well, that did not exactly work out as expected, but at least I managed a post almost every month :)

But this is also an anniversary. And I needed an excuse to take a look at jekyll. And actually – this is the main reason – I do not want to have php on my vServer, because: why should I? So goodbye wordpress, I am signing up for the static site generation hype that is jekyll (although I guess I am already late).

Also it is now hosted on github pages, which means even less burden for the server and it is fully open sourced, if that is of any interest to you. Here is the repo

Happy new year!

I am Niels Hoffmann, software developer, music afficionade, sailor.
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