Niels Hoffmann

Announcing Fandango

Zentralmaschine in collaboration with just released a new tool on the interwebs for your pleasure only.


What does it do?

Fandango creates podcasts from your Soundcloud followings.

But let me give you a little bit of background, because like most app ideas, Fandango was born out of a personal need. I was heading out of my appartement and was lacking fresh music on my mp3 player. As a matter of fact I really dig Soundcloud. There is always something new and fresh to explore there. I opened up Soundcloud to look for new music and the people I follow would be the first i would want to check out. Everything was there, new tracks, new DJ mixes but how to get them on the smartphone?

I was basically looking for some kind of method to get these tracks on my mp3 player and eventually that would update itself and automatically sync with my mp3 player whenever there was something new to discover.

I realized that all I was looking for, is a podcast containing all my Soundcloud followings!

Interestingly, Soundcloud does not offer this feature and Fandango came to life. Simply connect with your Soundcloud account and let Fandango do the magic. I bet you’ll love it!

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