Niels Hoffmann

I Am Here Where Are You?

I am here! Where are you? is a super simple web application to share your current location with others.

Works great on smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop pcs. The only prerequisites is a browser that supports sensing your current location. Try it out for yourself:

Need help?

Hahaha, you’re kidding! It’s so easy that even your parents will get it. But ok, let me give you the chatty advise: When you open up I am here! Where are you? you will be greeted with a dialog that asks for your name. It does not have to be your real name. Once you entered the name and clicked on the “Create a new map!” button you have created a new map. Now share the link to this map with whomever you like. Either by copying the address from the browsers address bar or by clicking on “Actions” and selecting the “Send map” option. That’s it! The person who receives the link will be greeted with a similar screen, but instead of creating a new map, she is asked to join you map. After entering a name, her current location will be marked on the map, just like yours. And on the top bar you can immediately switch between all the people on the map. Now you can see where everybody is. Actually everybody on the map can see where everybody else is. Of course you can leave the map anytime by clicking the “Leave map” button from the “Actions” menu and no one will know your location anymore.

Ah I see, this is like fourshmare, lalatude, fiercebook places or …

Ehm, no it is not. Did anybody ask you for an email address? A username? A password? No! So this is sharing your location anonymously with no one but the other people on the map tracking your location. Privacy by design!

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Great where can I find out more about this

Basically this whole thing is an experiment and some toying around with a new technology stack called meteor. You can find the full source code on github.

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